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800.000 kr.1.012.000 kr.

The fixed pool lift F145 comes in two variations that have been designed to meet the main shapes and characteristics of the largest number of pools:

The F145 lift (high pole) is suitable for any type of walled pools.

The F145B version (low pole) is suitable for ground deck pools and for boats, harbours, docks etc.

Maximum capacity: 140 kg.

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The F145 (high pole version) and F145B (low pole version) models are configured as semi-portable pool lifts as they include fixed (but removable) parts installed on the floor and a chair + wheeled trolley that can be used as a means of transport from the pool to the changing room and vice versa.

Alternatively, the lift can be equipped with a sling.

The F145 and F145B lifts allow to be anchored to the ground through an external plate, which can be fixed with dowels or drowned in a 60x60x60 concrete block or, as a third option, a socket that is embedded in the ground.

Technical features:

  • IPX06 spiral cable push-button panel for up-down controls from the water
  • Retractable leg support
  • Adjustable armrests
  • 360° rotation
  • Removable battery with charger
  • Emergency stop button
  • Average autonomy: 50 working cycles
  • 2-point safety belt
  • Galvanizing and powder coating treatment
  • Stainless steel frame far in-water parts

Technical details:

  • Maximum capacity: 140 kg
  • Maximum travel: 1350 mm
  • Time of lowering/ lifting with weight into/ out of water: 20 sec
  • Weight of the lift: 66 kg
  • Battery: 24 V

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F145, F145B


chair, bow and harness