Swimskin Torque Lite - karla

Vörunúmer: STLM6A

Go the distance with the Men's Torque Lite Swimskin. Constructed with hydrophobic fabric and fluid channel dynamics, the STFL6A triathlon speed suit repels water to keep you light and dry from the inside, instead of weighing you down.

Equipped with a coil zipper for a super quick transition and a secure beaded grip for maximum hold on your body, Torque Lite is built to perform in the water.  UPF 50+ properties provide added protection from the sun.

80% Nylon / 20% Lycra Spandex

Torque Lite Specs:  Weighs less than 150 Grams and features a .7% Absorption Rate  

All TYR Torque Swim Skins are USAT / WTC legal.